Identity: race + ethnicity

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Racial +

ethnic identity

is not so black

+ white

an educational and interactive exhibition


race + ethnicity

This project addresses a need for more educational exhibitions about “Identity: Race and Ethnicity.” A person’s racial and ethnic identity is not black and white, yet we, as a society can make assumptions and categorize people based on how they look.

To create more awareness of racial classifications, I designed an interactive experience that encourages a conversation of issues like racial biases, lack of awareness, unconscious racial classifications, harmful and negative social perceptions. By addressing these issues, we can learn to be more open minded about the labels we assign and to celebrate the diversity we have as individuals and as a society.


Interactive display

By mix and matching facial features of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, the viewers are prompted to observe who they are seeing. The purpose is to encourage the audience to see individual as individuals, rather than categories.


Exhibition design
Interactive experience


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Exhibition maquette

The concept of the exhibition is to challenge how we as a society perceive racial and ethnic identity. Through research such as history, science on the exterior part, and exploratory space on interior, we see how race and ethnicity is a perception and a label.





Explorations + iterations