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Oreo Looks into the Future



With a prompt of Ecosystem and Balance, I picked an existing packaging that I can redesign, as a result produce the least damages to the ecosystem. After researching the problems plastic brings, I find that a lot of these articles talk about how damages will carry on into the future. With the future in mind, I think of how that future plays into the packaging choices.


In grocery stores today, majority of product packages are made of plastic. Especially the single-use products, their packages end up in trash that damages our ecosystem.The current Oreo packaging uses non-recyclable plastic which is damaging to the ecosystem. The challenge is how to redesign the packaging for it have least harmful impact on the environment and how it would look like 50 years from now? 


My goal is to repackage the OREO cookies that could make a difference for the better of environment and live in that future, so the new packaging is designed to be eco-friendly and reusable that will encourage consumers from young adults to parents with kids to reuse the packaging for multiple uses.



Product Design



"By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea."


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First prototype trial. It came out too bulky and the overall look and form was not working at all, so I scrapped the current look and pushed it further.

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trial 2

A more cleaner version of the packaging that suggests eco-friendliness with its re-branded visuals and the material (biodegradable and compostable cardboard packaging). 

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Digital shelf talker

In stores, Oreo display would have a digital shelf talker displaying few ways to reuse the packaging. Through this method of direct communication with the consumers at the store, it would encourage them to reuse the packaging for other uses and open up to new type of audience that want to be more eco-conscious.