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A group of three designers, including myself, have been assigned to design a collaborative work that solves a problem based on Health and Design prompt in duration of five weeks. I am responsible for the animation video of this project.


Young girls are getting their periods earlier than before, as early as eight years of age, and currently there are no tampon or pad brand in the market designed specifically for adolescents, from ages 8-11. Our challenge is to design a brand that fits the young demographic. We created a brand to educate, empower, and ease them through their development with the packaging design, an educational booklet, and a fun and informative animation.


Educational animation

A light-hearted and friendly style of animation and content to make periods less scary and mysterious to young adolescents and for general public.



Premiere Pro


Madelyn Reiman
Tenzing Dorjee
Unmi Yank

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From our research and interviews, we found that both the parent and the child would feel discomfort and embarrassment from buying menstrual products because of how they look. Additionally, the conversation at home and at school about misconceptions and what to expect is often not addressed.

Therefore, through animation and packaging, addressed these issues by not eliminating them but make the process easier for the parent and young adolescents to receive the information. 




We stressed on not having a stereotypical pink and girly visual for our branding, so we went with the color purple and green to keep it neutral and having a "Godzilla" like character that girls can relate. 

For the animation, I brainstormed on the layout of the video. My goal is to make the video informative that includes these attributes:




I am showing period in a non-literal, non-representational way, portraying it in a conceptual way but still gets the point across. 

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